Pinch and Pan Image in Xamarin Forms

ZoomImage (PINCH and PAN) In Xamarin Forms

Step1: Create the Mobile App (Xamarin Forms) Project

Open VisualStudio 2017    File    New    Project    Choose Cross-Platform Template    Choose MobileApp (Xamarin.Forms )    Name it as ZoomImageApp    Click on OK    Chose .NetStanderd    Click OK

Step2: Creating DoubleExtension.cs

Go to PCF file In ZoomImageApp    Right Click    Add Class DoubleExtention.cs

File Name: DoubleExtensions.cs

Step 3: Creating Pinch & Pan Container

Create a class in the root directory and name it as PinchAndPanContainer.cs

File Name: PinchAndPanContainer.cs

Step 5: Copy any source image to Zoom it.

Go to ZoomimageApp.Android    Resources    Drawable    In my case I’ve taken slip.png

Step 6:  Creating UI for Pinch & Pan Container

File: MainPage.xaml

Output: Tadaaa, Run the program Ctrl+F5

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