Deploy ASP.NET MVC + Angular 4 + PostgreSQL into AWS

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From the past few days I was suffering to deploying my ASP.NET MVC application integrated with Angular 4 + PostgreSQL DB into AWS. After my serious deliberation I’ve goto know the procedure and wanted my friends to know about this. That might help you in future.

Step1: Create Elastic Beanstalk web application in AWS

  • Once you login into your account you can find the “Build a solution” section below
  • Choose on Build a web app

  • To create a new Application click on Create New Application, and fill the following required fields Application Name & Platform (.Net). And click on “Create application” button which will start creating the application


  • Once application is created with Environments, then you must be able to see Health – Green

  • Now make sure that the user which is going to be used has the following permissions.


Step2: Create RDS (Postgres) in AWS

  • Go to RDS service, and choose PostgreSQL from Step1


  • Click on Next, in Step2 choose your case Production (or) Dev / Test
  • Provide the required details
    1. DB instance Class (1GB/ 2GB/…..)
    2. DB Instance Name
    3. Master Username & Password
  • Now make sure that your instance is publicly accessible – Yes, if not click on Modify in Details Section. And choose Public accessible – Yes. If it is not public accessible we will be not able to access this Database in PgAdmin.


Step3: Deploy the application into AWS

  • Firstly we need to install “AWS toolkit for Visual Studio 2017”. Once installed you can see the option “Publish to AWS Elastic Beanstalk” on right click the project.
  • Select “Publish to AWS Elastic Beanstalk”, it ask you to create Account Profile.
  • To get the Access Key Id & Secret Access Key, Go to IAM in AWS Console.
  • Select the user, then go to “Security Credentials”, where we can create the Access Key.


  • Once you create a new Access key, it gives you Access Key ID & Secret Access Key. Make sure to store your Secret Access Key in a secured place.
  • Now go back to VS 2017 and enter your credentials.
  • Now you can see the Web App we have created in AWS Console.
  • Now Go to View  Open AWS Explorer  Amazon EC2  Key Pairs  Create key pair


  • Creating a new Key Pair, will give you a <Key Pair Name>.pem
  • Select “Publish to AWS Elastic Beanstalk”, after selecting profile click on Next.
  • In the Application Options section add the key value pair. And click Next
  • Now click Deploy


Step4: Check database connections

  • Open PgAdmin4
  • Get the Host Name from the AWS Console  RDS  Instances  Copy the End Point (Host Name)
  • Now create New Server  Enter the Credentials of RDS.
  • Create your tables required for the application.


Step5: Install Angular Packages in EC2 instance using Remote Desktop

  • Go to EC2 Service
  • Click on “Instances”
  • Find your instance and right click on it, then choose “Get Windows Password”

  • Now it will ask you to upload “Key Pair Path” Get the <Key Pair Name>.pem file that we have created when deploying the Web App.
  • Once you upload it will generate the Password, make sure to store it a secured directory.
  • Now you can connect to the Remote desktop using that password.
  • Once you have connected go to C:\\inetpub\\wwwroot.
  • Open command prompt for wwwroot directory.
  • Download Node from the .
  • Now in the command prompt type “npm install”, this will install the packages required for angular.

  • Now run the application


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